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Massage Treatments

Calming and soothing for the mind and body, massage treatments induce a sense of deep relaxation, allowing you to fully unwind. A relaxed mind, body and spirt prompts the systems of your body to settle and rebalance, restoring a sense of wellbeing and encouraging your muscles to return to a more natural form.

While massage treatments can feel like a bit of pampering, they also offer many benefits to support the management of stress and muscular skeletal problems.

Regular massage treatments can:


  • Reduce muscular tension
  • Relieve muscular aches and pains
  • Release knots and fascia restrictions
  • Improve posture
  • Increase range of movement.
  • Improve circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Speed up recovery time after over use
  • Prepare the muscles for extensive use
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase relaxation and aid restful sleep


Swedish Massage


Massage. Library Image: Back Massage

Swedish massage is the classic or typical western style of massage. A variety of flowing and stimulating massage movements are used throughout the treatment to manipulate the soft muscular tissue, deeply soothing and relaxing the muscles while releasing built up muscle tension. This timeless massage treatment induces a state of relaxation, leaving you feeling less tense, more relaxed and revitalised.

60 minute treatment - £50

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Deep Tissue Massage


Massage. Deep tissue

Anyone can benefit from this wonderful treatment, but if you love sports or do repetitive work that causes strain on specific muscle groups, you’ll really feel the difference.

Deep tissue massage releases built-up muscle tension in specific areas, working on a deeper level than Swedish massage, to restore the muscles, fascia and tendons to a more natural state, while also helping to improve your range of motion.

45-minute deep tissue massage- £50

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Hot Stone Massage


Massage. Hot stone

Deeply relaxing and soothing, hot stone massage melts away stress. Smooth basalt stones are heated to a comfortably warm temperature and incorporated into the massage treatment. The heat of the stones penetrates deep into your muscle tissue, allowing the muscles to relax quickly and easing muscle tension. This massage works on many levels, stimulating yet calming the body's systems, and restoring a state of calm and an improved sense of wellbeing.

60 -minute hot stone massage - £65

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Indulgent Pamper Experience

A full body delight, this relaxing yet uplifting treatment is the ultimate head-to-toe massage indulgence. The pampering begins with a relaxing body massage, followed by a holistic facial treatment, incorporating warmed aroma-infused towels to open the senses, and crystal spheres to restore balance. Finally, you have the choice of foot or hand reflexology to close the treatment.

90-minute treatment indulgent pamper experience - £85

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Massage. Free Consultation - Purple

Before your first treatment, we will have a full detailed medical and holistic consultation. This will enable me to create a bespoke treatment plan specific to your needs.
Please keep in mind that some conditions are contraindicated or require GP consent. If you are unsure if you can receive reflexology treatment, please contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


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