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The Zone Face Lift


Zone Face Lift. Zone Face Lift

The Zone Face Lift is an exceptional treatment to help you look and feel your best. A unique combination of facial reflexology, Native American healing techniques and Japanese facial massage, this indulgent treatment works to release tension and free any constrictions in your facial muscles and connective tissue.

A single Zone Face Lift is the perfect choice before a special occasion. After just one treatment, the muscle tissue and any tension held in your face will be relaxed, leaving you with an instant glow. The treatment is tailored to your needs and will last between 75 and 90 minutes.

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Tools to Relax and Invigorate


Zone Face Lift. Tools zfl only

At certain stages throughout your treatment, I will use specialist facial rollers and traditional Chinese jade facial Gua Sha tools to massage, stimulate, scrape, and roll the facial tissue. This encourages the release of toxins, while promoting the flow of oxygen and nutrients that activate the production of skin-plumping elastin and collagen. I will also use quartz crystal spheres, which have the unique healing benefits of calming the face and restoring balance within the mind, body and spirit as toxins and built up emotions are released.

Zone Face Lift. Zfl 12 Glenda eyes


“May’s Zone Face Lift treatments are phenomenal. Everyone noticed the difference around my eyes, and my laugh lines disappeared." GS


Zone Face Lift. Zfl Glenda frown lines


The Zone Face Lift Programme

The Zone Face Lift Programme is 12 weeks of treatments that take you on a transformational journey.

This exquisite programme helps to soften and relax your facial muscles, helping you let go of emotions that you may be holding in your face, as well as toning the muscles of your face and jawline, with remarkable changes often emerging after just four or five weeks.

This is the ultimate bespoke treatment that is specially designed for your needs, including three Holistic Zone Face Lift Facials.

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Single 75 minute Zone Face Lift treatment- £72
Zone Face Lift 12-week Programme - £720.00

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When booking the 12-week programme, all treatments are booked and paid for in advance. The full programme price is equivalent to getting one-and-a-half treatments free. Once your treatments have been booked and paid for, you will be gifted Jade Gua Sha facial tool, along with guidance on specific Zone Face Lift techniques and aftercare advice specific to you, allowing you to achieve the maximum results from the Zone Face Lift treatment programme.

Zone Face Lift. Zone practionet


Please note, The Zone Face Lift Treatment Programme is contraindicated if you have had Botox or facial fillers within the last two months or facial surgery within the last three to six months. Results are varied and individual.


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