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15th December 2019 

Massage Treatments
The perfect remedy to relieve muscular tension created by the stress and strains of daily life .

Calming and soothing the mind and body. Massage treatments induce a sense of deep relaxation allowing you to fully relax and unwind, as stress and muscular tension is eased and released from the body. A relaxed mind, body and spirt prompts the systems of the body to settle and rebalance. Restoring a sense of wellbeing and encouraging the muscles to return to a more natural form.

Massage treatments are not just a luxury for indulging in a little pampering and enjoying some "Me Time" they offer many benefits to support the management of stress and muscular skeletal problems.

The therapeutic benefits of regular massage treatments can;

Massage. Massage

Reduce muscular tension
Relieve muscular aches and pains
Release knots and fascia restrictions
Improve posture
Increase Range of movement.
Improve circulation and lymphatic drainage
Speed up recovery time after over use
Prepare the muscles for extensive use
Reduce stress and anxiety
Increase relaxation and aid restful sleep

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the classic or typical western style massage. A variety of flowing and stimulating massage movements are used throughout the treatment to manipulate the soft muscular tissue. Deeply soothing and relaxing the muscles while releasing built up muscle tension. This timeless massage treatment induces a state of relaxation leaving you feeling less tense, more relaxed and revitalised.

35 per 60 minute treatment

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Massage. Massage deep

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage incorporating neuro- muscular techniques is aimed at everyone but is most specific to sports enthusiasts and individuals with repetitive work that causes considerable strain on specific muscle groups. A wonderful treatment for releasing built up muscle tension in specific areas, working on a deeper level than Swedish massage to restore the muscles, fascia and tendons to a more natural state while assisting to improve range of motion.

35 per 45 minute treatment

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Massage. Hot stone

Hot Stone Massage

Deeply relaxing and soothing, hot stone massage is a wonderfully relaxing treatment to melt away stress. Smooth basalt stones are heated to a comfortably warm temperature and incorporated into the massage treatment. The heat of the stones penetrate deep into the muscle tissue allowing the muscles to relax quickly, easing muscle tension. This massage works on many levels, stimulating yet calming the body's systems restoring a state of calm and improved sense of well-being.

40.00 per 60 minute treatment

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Massage. Preg massage

Pregnancy Massage

Awaiting the new arrival is wonderful time for mums-to-be, but it can also be a stressful time, physically as well as emotionally. Your body undergoes many natural transformations including hormonal and postural changes and as your pregnancy develops you begin to experience symptoms and associated discomforts like;
Back Ache,
Tension Headaches,
Leg Cramps,
Stress and Anxiety.

The calming essence and therapeutic values of Massage, naturally reduces stress levels and can also assist in helping you manage and bring a natural relief from the many associated symptoms and discomforts experienced during your developing pregnancy.

Massage during pregnancy is both safe and beneficial for most mums-to-be and the benefits can be enjoyed at any stage of a healthy pregnancy. For peace of mind, I choose Not to offer massage therapy in the first trimester preferring to wait until you have had your first scan and are assured all is well. Your positioning during the treatment is a priority and will be slightly different from that of a traditional massage, a selection of bolsters are positioned for your comfort and support while ensuring maximum stability for the growing baby. The massage techniques used throughout the treatment are chosen specifically for you, to ensure the ultimate therapeutic treatment during this special time. Leaving you feeling rested, restored and with a feeling of improved well-being.

35.00 per 60 minute treatment.

Before the first treatment a full in-depth consultation will be required to be completed And will be updated prior to each follow up treatment. As with all massage therapies there are some instances when massage might not be suitable, particularly in a high-risk pregnancy or with certain health conditions. If you are unsure it is always advisable to check with your midwife. Or Contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

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Massage Treatment Packages

Neck, Back and Shoulder Detox

Focusing on the area’s most prone to muscular tension.

To warm and relax the muscle tissue the treatment begins with a warm towel cleanse and exfoliation treatment, unclogging the pores and removing dead skin cells in this often , neglected hard to reach area of the body. Soothing hot stones follow, preparing the muscles for a deeply invigorating massage that incorporates a variety of techniques, working slowly and deeply into the muscles, prompting and coaxing the muscle tissue to return to its natural state while releasing the build-up of tension and knots that create postural aches and pains.

45.00 per 60 minute treatment

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Indulgent Pamper Experience

A full body delight, relaxing yet uplifting, a perfect indulgence when you are in need of rest and relaxation or simply to enjoy the benefits of a combination of holistic treatments and pampering from head to toe. The treatment begins with a relaxing body massage followed by a holistic facial treatment, incorporating warmed aroma infused towels to open the senses and crystal spheres to restore balance. Your choice of foot or hand reflexology closes the treatment.

65.00 per 90 minute treatment

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Massage. Free Consultation - Purple

All treatments require a full detailed medical and holistic consultation to be completed prior to the treatment commencing. This will allow a bespoke treatment plan specific to your needs to be determined.

Please keep in mind that some conditions are contraindicated . If you are in doubt of your suitability to receive a treatment please Book to discuss.

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