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15th December 2019 
Zone Face Lift. Zone Face Lift

Zone Face Lift

Taking Holistic Facial Treatments to a New Dimension.

Lift your face and spirit and remove as much as 10 years in 12 weeks with the
Zone Face Lift Programme.

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This exceptional facial treatment not only lifts the spirit, it lifts and tones the face. The uniqueness and benefits of the Zone Face Lift treatment are due to the combination of Facial Reflexology, Native American Healing Techniques and Japanese Facial Massage that work to release tension and free constrictions in the facial muscles and connective tissue.

Specialist Facial Rollers and Traditional Chinese Jade facial Gua Sha tools are incorporated at specific stages within the treatment. The specialist facial tools combined with ancient anti-ageing techniques. Massage, stimulate, scrape and roll the facial tissue, encouraging the release of toxins, while promoting the flow of oxygen and nutrients that activate the production of elastin and collagen. Thus plumping the skin, smoothing fine lines and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The unique healing benefits of Quartz Crystal Spheres both calm the face while restoring balance within the mind, body and spirit as toxins and built up emotions are released.

The Zone Face Lift is a remarkable treatment combining both ancient and modern techniques. With visible results to the complexion evident after one treatment, making it the ideal treatment to have when you want to look your best for a special occasion.

Zone Face Lift. Facial

A Fabulous Facial Treatment hailed by many as
"The Natural Alternative to Botox"

The Zone Face Lift 12 week programme is a transformational journey helping you let go of emotions that are held in the face, restoring balance within the body while lifting and sculpting the face and jaw line.

It metaphorically “peels away the emotional layers “helping to soften and relax the facial muscles. With many clients reporting a remarkable difference to their complexion and well-being after treatment 4 or 5.

At specific stages within the 12 week programme you will experience The Zone Face Lift Holistic Facial Treatment. An indulgent and soothing facial treatment incorporating hot towels and the use of natural, paraben free, organic facial products to cleanse and exfoliate the face. As the organic face mask is setting, you will be guided through a healing visualisation to assist you in letting go of any tensions or emotions that have been stored within the body (It is your choice if you wish to include the guide visualisation). The Zone Face Lift treatment will continue. If the Zone Face Lift Holistic facial has been chosen as a standalone treatment it will conclude with eye and lip treatments and moisture massage to replenishing moisture levels and boost the skins natural radiance.

The Zone Face Lift, a results based programme with all the benefits of Traditional Reflexology

This outstanding treatment is not only beneficial to the appearance to your skin, it is good for your well-being as it incorporates facial reflexology.

Benefits Include:
Naturally stimulates elastin and collagen
Improves lymphatic flow and drainage
Tones, tightens, sculpts and lifts the face and jaw line
Reduces stress levels
Improved sleep
Can assist with managing certain health conditions like IBS
Helps to drain sinus congestion
Holistic alternative to Botox and facial fillers

To achieve the full benefits from Zone Face Lift treatment it is recommend to engage in a 12 week programme to achieve optimal results.

Zone Face Lift Treatment:

Lifting and sculpting the face, creating a glowing complexion for a special occasion.

55.00 per 75-90 minute treatment.

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Zone Face Lift. Oil

Zone Face Lift Holistic Facial:

A soothing treatment to nourish and condition the facial tissue. Using nourishing organic products to cleanse, organic antioxidant face mask to assist with removing impurities and detoxification. Incorporating Japanese Facial massage to lift and tone the facial tissue and assist with penetration of the Zone Face Lift Elixir. Finishing with healing Quartz Crystals to restore balance within.

35.00 per 60 minute treatment.

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Zone Face Lift and Zone Holistic Facial:

This combination treatment will not only provide visible results to your complexion. It will leave you de-stressed and feeling re energised as the facial reflexology points are worked restoring balance within and improving sense of well-being.

80.00 per 120 minutes of holistic indulgence.

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The Zone Face Lift 12 week programme.

Programme incorporates 3 Holistic Zone Face Lift Facials.

This is the ultimate bespoke treatment that is specially designed to your needs.

Requires treatments to be pre-booked and paid in advance. Payment can be made in 2 instalments. If full payment is received in advance the 12 week programme payment is equivalent to receiving one and a half treatments free!

For all pre-paid and booked 12 week Zone Face Lift treatment programmes. A complimentary Jade Gua Sha facial tool will be given along with guidance on specific Zone Face Lift specialty techniques and aftercare advice specific to you, for you to incorporate into your daily facial care routine allowing you to achieve the maximum results from the Zone Face Lift treatment programme.

12 week programme. 582.5O for limited time only!

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Please note, The Zone Face Lift Treatment Programme is contraindicated if you have had Botox or Facial Fillers within the last 2 months or facial surgery within the last 3-6 months.
Results are varied and individual.