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31st May 2020 

Holistic Therapies


Holistic Therapies. Ray of light Paul simpson

Reiki is a gentle non-invasive energy therapy that works on the energy fields of the body (Charka’s). It is a deeply relaxing treatment that does not involve the use of oil and you remain fully clothed throughout the treatment. Depending on your preference you can choose to be seated or relax fully into the treatment by lying on the warmed treatment couch.

The therapist’s hands act as a channel for the universal energy which are placed on or above specific areas of the body. As the energy radiates through the therapists hands into your energy fields you might experience a gentle warmth or tingling sensation as the energy naturally channels through your body. Your body instinctively takes exactly what energy it needs to assist in removing blockages allowing the energy to flow freely and restore balance within, thus creating a deep sense of relaxation and improved sense of well-being.

Reiki is a beautiful restorative treatment and is a lovely therapy to incorporate into a stress management programme.

30.00 per 50 minute treatment.

Holistic Therapies. Reiki facial

Reiki is a beautifully calming and balancing treatment, it is the ideal treatment to incorporate into a 60 minute combination treatment package. Incorporating the healing benefits of Reiki with another complementary treatment will bring about a deep sense of relaxation. It is the ideal combination during periods of heightened stress. Increasing the feelings of serenity and benefits of deep relaxation from both treatments will leave you with feeling rested, restored and with a heightened over all sense of improved well-being.

Treatment Package Combination:

Holistic Facial incorporating Reiki - 45.00 per 60 minute treatment
Back, neck and shoulder massage combined with Reiki - 45.00 per 60 minute treatment
Reiki and Foot Reflexology- 45.00 per 60 minute treatment

Contact for more information on treatment combinations and duration of treatment times or to Book an appointment


Holistic Facial

Holistic Therapies. Facial

A beautifully relaxing facial with specifically selected selected vegan products selected for your unique individual needs.
Warm aroma infused towels open the double cleanse and exfoliation sequence, waking the senses and calming the mind. A nourishing mask is applied and while it works its magic any stress will melt away as you experience deeper relaxation from an Indian head massage. The treatment concludes with a stimulating facial massage and a selection of crystals to reconnect the senses leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed with a glowing complexion.

35.00 per 60 minute treatment

Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi Ear Candling or Thermo auricular therapy is a pleasant, deeply relaxing and non-invasive treatment experience that is believed to enhance the health of the ears, nose, throat and sinus areas of the body. And is often the sought after treatment to bring comfort and relief from a variety of conditions such as;

Holistic Therapies. Hopie ear candling

    Sinus congestion
    Cold and Flu congestion
    Compacted ear wax
    Ear aches
    Glue ear
    Tinnitus, Rhinitis
    Vertigo and Headaches

Lying comfortably on your side, a lit Hopi candle is carefully inserted into your ear thus creating a vacuum “chimney effect”. The warm flow of air generated by the lit Hopi candle produces a circulation of concentrated herbal vapour that gently massages the ear drum. It is believed that any impurities are drawn into the candle 'chimney’. Residue can and is often found in the lower section of the candle after removal from the ear.

Hopi Ear candling a pleasant and serene treatment, working on both physical and psychological levels. The warm and revitalising heat that is generated within the head and ears, soothes and relaxes the senses making it a whole body treatment that is also beneficial in reducing and managing stress.
Once both ears have been treated the treatment concludes with a specific facial reflexology sequence to promote further draining of the sinuses and balance the senses .

30.00 per 45 minute treatment

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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head and Shoulder Massage is extremely relaxing yet rejuvenating. Derived from the Ayurveda system of healing using a variety of hands-on massage movements on the upper back, shoulders, neck, head, and face releasing built up tension.
A lovely therapeutic treatment that can assist with relieving tension headaches and muscular tension in the neck and shoulders.

30.00 per 45 minute treatment

Contact to Book an appointment

Seated Acupressure Massage.

Holistic Therapies. Chair massage small

This is a quick and convenient massage preformed through clothing. Seated on an ergonomically designed chair that provides maximum comfort and support this massage both relaxes and revitalises when time is short.

This treatment is only available for pamper parties, events and work placed wellness days.

Treatment Fee and duration of treatment varies.
For further information on planning or booking Work Placed Wellness Days, Events or Pamper Parties Contact for more information .

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All treatments require a holistic consultation to be completed prior to the treatment commencing. This will allow a bespoke treatment plan specific to your needs to be determined.

Please keep in mind that some conditions are contraindicated or require GP consent. If you are in doubt of your suitability to receive a Treatment please Contact to discuss.